Shenan Reed
Shenan Reed
photo by:
Sandy Ramirez

Hi all. Welcome to shenanize – the fun verb my fellow Morphites (employees of Morpheus Media) developed for my process of distilling information and cleaning it up to make it presentation ready.  

This is a place for me to share random thoughts from banners to beauty to butterflies to biscuits. We will cover a lot of topics.  Here’s hoping it helps one person find joy or clarity.

3 responses to “About

  1. KMS

    Insightful as always, Lady Reed

  2. Milton Pedraza

    I am so glad you are shenanizing because few individuals have more expertise (and empirical data) in online media, and especially as it relates to luxury and high net worth consumers, than you.

  3. Hello Shenan, I am looking to apply for the SEO and SEM position at Morpheus Media. I would like to know the email address where I can send my Cover letter and Resume.

    Sid Chaudhry

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