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Sunday Night Sumbles II

1) This is “The World’s Largest Tree House” in Tennessee – wish I had known it existed when we drove to Kentucky as I’m sure this would have been worth the extra trip. What a fun dream.

2) My mom always says “Evening red and morning gray sends a traveler on his way. Evening gray and morning red brings down rain upon his head.” I honestly think these old sayings a at least 30% better at figuring out the weather than your local weather man/woman. There are a whole host of new ones on here that I’ve never heard before, but I’m looking forward to trying them. They may make my weather app on my iPhone useless.

3) I love Vimeo – such great videos. This one of a Lion Cub is so touching – you have to watch it, but please forgive them for the song.

4) This error window happens to me at least once a week – just the Mac version of it. Marius can you help me?

5) Flowtown.com put together a great infographic on bloggers. Did you know that 40% of bloggers have a graduate degree. Good thing 1 in 4 have an HHI over $100k and their blogs are bringing in an average of $42k per year. At least they can pay back that degree. Great info guys – thank you.

6) Kurt Vonnegut explains how story arcs set our expectations on life. Marry this with Predictably Irrational and you’ve really got something here. Read his view here: http://sivers.org/drama

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