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Picking up where I left off


It’s been a minute. I always start writing these in my head and never quite get around to posting anything. I’m always looking for that hook – the thing I should focus on – my content calendar development, ugh, it’s exhausting.

So instead, I’m just going to share a random update, thought or idea that I think might be helpful to someone. We will cover a wide range of topics from banners to beauty to butterflies. Today’s update, butterflies…..

Black Swallowtail butterflies to be exact. Many years ago, Alex and I planted some parsley on the front stoop – our first attempt at a #stoopgarden. When I found a little black and white caterpillar on the parsley I was intrigued to figure out what it was.

I learned a lot – butterflies lay eggs on different plants that can support their young. Parsley is a favorite of the black swallowtail. So I brought it inside and put it in a net that I bought on Amazon and watched the magic happen. In a few days, you have this beautiful caterpillar. I know Monarch chrysalis is iconic, but this is really the iconic caterpillar.

They eat all your parsley and in a few weeks, you get a beautiful butterfly.

Female Eastern Black Swallowtail Butterfly

You can tell the girls from the boys by their coloring. The girls have a lot more blue and the boys have a lot more yellow. (maybe these should be the new “baby colors” for gender reveal parties)

This year I currently have the following growing in my butterfly net.

  1. chrysalis
  2. 21 baby caterpillars (still in their black and white stage)
  3. 2 eggs

Follow along and I will try to post updates of the babies as they emerge. I’m also posting them on my Instagram.

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Sunday Night Stumbles

So I’m going to try something new to keep up on my blogging. Every Sunday night I surf so I’m going to start sharing the fun things I find here. I hope you enjoy these gems as much as I do.

Remarkable Collection of Steampunk Sculptures

1) I love Steampunk and these fun sculptures are amazing.

2) First robot able to develop and show emotions is unveiled
Nao, developed by a European research team, models the first years of life and can form bonds with the people he meets
You may laugh but I had the choice of going to two different High Schools in Houston – The Performing Arts School (which I did go to) or the Engineering School. My class project for those 4 year would have been to construct a working robot. Somehow I think some of those skills might be handier today than my rolling shuffles.

Food Seat Saver

3) I love that these are being sold as “seat savers.” Brilliant!!

Case Mate iPhone 4 ID Case

4) I am very excited for this iPhone case. I’ve waited weeks for it to be available in silver. And now it looks like they added pink. Pink? Really? Could we get a better color? Purple, Blue, Orange?

5) This just made me smile. What a fun way to kick off the week.

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Things I learned on Vacation

Ladybug in Wrap

1. An airplane blanket can be turned into a fashionable dress for a 2 year old.
When you little girl gets sick on the airplane and you have no change of clothes with you it helps to have a solid knowledge of the DKNY Cozy and how it works so that you can put those skills to work for you.

2. You can have Christmas twice if you do it in two different cities with both sets of grandparents and it can be a blast.

3. Florida can get cold in early January – like frozen oranges cold – so they spray the trees with water to keep them covered in ice which keeps them up to 4 degrees warmer.

4. Board Games are fun!! We played Things! The Game. and there are some questions that have to get skipped when you are playing with your parents/in-laws.

5. Trying to get Rush Limbaugh and Rachel Maddow to live under the same roof for one week is asking way too much!! (also known as my Dad and my Husband)

6. They still do injection antibiotics for kids if the oral isn’t working and you need to fly, but it’s SUPER painful and they will hate you for it. At least until they start feeling better.

7. The Tampa Airport has a Marriott Hotel that is inside (not connected to, but inside) the airport. CDog thinks that is AMAZING and wants to go there for our next vacation.

8. Vacation is a noun defined by as:
va⋅ca⋅tion /veɪˈkeɪʃən, və-/
–noun a period of suspension of work, study, or other activity, usually used for rest, recreation, or travel; recess or holiday:
There is no such thing as suspension of work any more – we are too connected with all of our devises and it will only get worse. So then how do we find moments to recover and rest? Still trying to figure that one out. If there are any ideas out there let me know.


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