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Picking up where I left off


It’s been a minute. I always start writing these in my head and never quite get around to posting anything. I’m always looking for that hook – the thing I should focus on – my content calendar development, ugh, it’s exhausting.

So instead, I’m just going to share a random update, thought or idea that I think might be helpful to someone. We will cover a wide range of topics from banners to beauty to butterflies. Today’s update, butterflies…..

Black Swallowtail butterflies to be exact. Many years ago, Alex and I planted some parsley on the front stoop – our first attempt at a #stoopgarden. When I found a little black and white caterpillar on the parsley I was intrigued to figure out what it was.

I learned a lot – butterflies lay eggs on different plants that can support their young. Parsley is a favorite of the black swallowtail. So I brought it inside and put it in a net that I bought on Amazon and watched the magic happen. In a few days, you have this beautiful caterpillar. I know Monarch chrysalis is iconic, but this is really the iconic caterpillar.

They eat all your parsley and in a few weeks, you get a beautiful butterfly.

Female Eastern Black Swallowtail Butterfly

You can tell the girls from the boys by their coloring. The girls have a lot more blue and the boys have a lot more yellow. (maybe these should be the new “baby colors” for gender reveal parties)

This year I currently have the following growing in my butterfly net.

  1. chrysalis
  2. 21 baby caterpillars (still in their black and white stage)
  3. 2 eggs

Follow along and I will try to post updates of the babies as they emerge. I’m also posting them on my Instagram.

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Entrepreneuring Woman: An AWL Panel Discussion Held at Proskauer Rose

YWCA AWL Entrepreneuring Women Event

Tory Johnson, AWL 2002; Shenan Reed; Cheryl Gentry, AWL 2009; Ellen Zimiles, AWL 2002; Claire P. Gutekunst, AWL 1997 (Moderator and Chair of the AWL Advisory Council)

The Academy of Women Leaders is an amazing organization within the YWCA that brings together women to help each other in business, life, and the ever struggle for balance. I was honored to be included on a panel on Wed. March, 11th, discussing entrepreneurship. I often find that when I sit on panels like this I learn as much, if not more than I teach. At this one I learned about psychological interviews, spinning work events for your kids so they still feel special, and was reminded of the constant theme that I find in Women Business Leaders – confidence. Many thanks to the great folks at the YWCA for a great event. You can follow them on twitter. And find some coverage of the event on their site.

My fellow panelists were amazing women and I would encourage you to check them out and their companies.
Tory Johnson, AWL 2002, Founder and CEO, Women for Hire
Cheryl Gentry, AWL 2009, Founder, President/CEO, Glow Media
Ellen Zimiles, AWL 2002, Co-founder and CEO, Daylight Forensic & Advisory LLC
Claire P. Gutekunst, AWL 1997 (Moderator and Chair of the AWL Advisory Council), Partner, Proskauer Rose LLP

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Milton Pedraza on MSNBC

The September issues of the big fashion books have come to the news stands in the last week and are thinner than they’ve been in years. As a result Emily Steel from The Wall Street Journal gave me a call to see if this was because their ad money was moving to digital. You can read her article here.

My dear friend Milton Pedraza was also interviewed on WNBC’s Power Lunch today about the same topic. It was a great interview.

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