#MonacoMF10 Out of the Box – TV absolutely everywhere

Opening Presentation by Booz & Co.

TV is still the global mass medium – it is the most widely penetrating technology. Its contested, not by the Internet, but by Mobile. The technology is out there – are the consumers adopting it?

Usage numbers out of the US. Watching TV in the home: 140 hours/month; Watching Time shifted TV 7:54 hours; Watching Video in Mobile: 3:16, Watching Online 3:24, Watching on Internet or PC 27:32 – about 10% of total TV has shifted to “off the box”. What does it mean?

Michale Comish – CEO, Blinkbox Entertainment
Daniel Heaf – Digital Director, BBC Worldwide
Patrick Walker – Director of Video Partnerships EMEA, Google/Youtube
Jan Wareby – SVP & Head of Business Unit Multimedia, Ericsson
Moderator: Satci D. Kramer – Editor EVP, ContentNext Media

Staci: Google TV is tied to the box, but how to take it and make it make money?

Patrick: The content is being distributed and as the bandwidth increases the consumption of long form content is usage. YouTube Mobile Usage is larger today than YouTube Web usage was 5 years ago. Consumers are shifting how they are using TV. By using a laptop or a mobile phone while watching regular tv.

Patrick: The rights and contracts are having a challenge keeping up with the changes in technology. Google doesn’t think they have done a good job of communicating what Google TV is or isn’t. It’s being blocked by Fox and many other stations – “you mention people are block us. they are blocking themselves from being seen on us.” Got a good laugh from the audience. But a good point – users will find an alternative way

Staci: Will Google pay re-transmission fees? Patrick: Google sees themselves as a neutral source for accessing the data that is the show. They aren’t rebroadcasting anything they are just a conduit. Interesting POV.

Patrick: Without Google being involved TV is going to the web. They are just enabling the process.

Audience Question: How do you see the consumption of media changing now that it’s on a smaller devise.

Patrick: Being able to access both the mobile content and TV content to have a more enhanced TV experience.

Staci: Will consumers pay extra to have access everywhere?

Panel says: Yes – it’s about paying for a coherent user experience. And the advertisers are willing to pay as well.

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