#MonacoMF10 “Mobile First” Be there now

Sorry this is my typing and trying to keep up – these things are very cool things that make me want an Andriod phone. I know we talk a lot about Google getting too big for their britches – but they are making some great innovations that will instantly go to the masses.

Keynote: Carlo d’Asara Biondo, VP Southern & Eastern Europe, Middle East & Africa, Google
Hugo Barra – Director, Mobile Product Management, Google

3 Big Bets

1) Betting on the Web – we believe the web is open and growing. As such they are promoting HTML 5 to keep it open. Chrome (came out 18 months ago) speed is key to the experience. It is 5X faster than when they launched it.

2) Betting on the Cloud – it allows us to live in a world that is more open and more engaging. Now we have Chrome OS. They want an OS that opens in 5 seconds (it’s currently at 8 seconds).

3) Betting on Mobile – yes they have placed a huge bet on Andriod. But today we want to talk about mobile computing.

Mobile Supercomputing.

Voice Recognition: Just a couple of months ago they launched Voice Actions . . .
Example: Wired voice recognition and local search together. Click on microphone. “Call Four Seasons Hotel in Paris” boom is calls!
Example: Click microphone button. “Send text to Robert Hamilton I’m almost there meet downstairs in 5 minutes” 1 second and text is sent.

Google Translate: On an Andriod Device you have Google Translate today. New feature – (only been shown once before) it’s highly experimental. Two buttons on the device one for each speaker. It easily translates back and forth between the users.

Google Goggles:
Take a photo of anything and it will translate the text to a language you understand.
Potentially a great break through in advertising.
Most ad dollars are spent offline.
Goggles can bring the offline online.
Showing a WIRED magazine. Shows and ad of SKY Vodka. Takes a picture of the ad using Goggles.
Can easily run a search based on the ad and take you to the sky site. (no special marks, no QR codes, etc)
Take it one step further.
They want the advertiser to have the chance to choose where the user goes when they click on the ad.
Example: Photo of spread on Buick. Gives user 3 options – a custom link given by Buick to drive the user to a custom page, and then options to surf the web.

YouTube Lean Back – users can search, or use down arrow to browse videos recommended by YouTube – works on any browser today.
Earlier THIS WEEK – they launched YouTube Remote – allows you to control the YouTube Experience from your phone. Can speak a search.


Making information easily and accessible will continue to be Googles vision for a long time.

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