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Long Week vs. Short Week

As I was falling asleep last night I thought, “it’s been a long week.” And then I started to wonder, what makes a long week or a short week?

It’s not the number of days in the week – there are three and four day weeks that are super long. And they are 5 day weeks that fly by. But you know that feeling where it’s Wednesday, and you say goodbye to someone at the office and slip in “have a nice weekend if I don’t see you tomorrow” only to realize tomorrow is Thursday and you will both be in?

What Makes a Short Week

I think it’s easier to define a short week. It’s the week that seems to fly by. I think I know the things that cause this to happen for me:

  1. Day does not start too early (first meeting by 9 or 9:15, time to think and settle in before talking to other humans)
  2. Day is full, but not Tetris-style booked, there is room to go a little over in meetings and time to visit the facilities or get a coffee and chat with people
  3. Meetings are engaging – not lecture hall style listening meetings, but small rooms that have the ability to have conversation and action come out of them
  4. Meetings are long enough to really have a conversation – with all the focus on shorter meetings and creating meeting efficiencies, I find I do enjoy a meeting where there is room to say hello, visit with people a bit, get into business and then engage in a productive dialogue
  5. Wind down moment – having a moment at the end of the day, to review the day’s notes, send those follow-up emails and make sure everything is prepared for tomorrow means I leave with a clear head and ready to re-engage the next day

Avoiding the Long Week

In an effort to avoid having a long week, I’m trying to implement some tactics in my schedule planning that help me drive short week success.

  1. Control the calendar (no meetings before 9 or 9:15, leave 15 – 20 minute breaks between meetings, hold time at end of day as a meeting with myself for my wrap up)
  2. Build Social Time into the meeting agenda, giving everyone permission to catch up and share life moments
  3. Fewer. Longer. Better. the above will mean fewer meetings in the day, they will be a bit longer and if we limit the number of folks in the room they can also be more engaging and we can make some personal connections along the way

I can’t always control when my morning starts, or how long the meetings are or who is in them. But when I can set the schedule I will try to stick to these steps, as the value of coming out of a short week means we’ve been productive, we are happy, we are engaged and we are energized for the next week.

Here’s wishing you many short weeks.

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