Monaco Media Forum Opening Ceramony

#monacomf10 HSH Prince Albert II of Monaco gave the opening remarks. This year we will be focused on mobile and that it is not just the device in your pocket.

Our keynote is Hans Vestberg / President and CEO of Ericsson “Internet 2.0” Mobile Changes Everything. He has given us an understanding of the use of mobile to help connect families in refugee camps in Africa, or fisherman using mobile to sell their fish before they hit the shore line.

He argues that with 90% of the earth covered with mobility in the next 5 years it will help reduce some of our carbon emissions problems.

Predictions. By 202 we will have 50 billion connected devises.

Next up: a round table of David Kenny President of Akamai, Robert Bakish President MTV, and Hans Vestberg. Emma Barnett, Digital Media Editor, The Daily Telegraph.

Who is making money in the app economy?

Bob: it’s the early days. They expect to release double the apps. They have 3 apps on Apples All Time Top 10 and 2 of those are Sponge Bob. He sees it as a way to grow franchises and keep them fresh.

Hans: the mobile industry will make huge leaps in the next 10 years and the winners today may not be the winners of tomorrow.

David: Akamai built a cloud and they see most of the app downloads. B2B apps are the real money makers right now. Those that make money are utility. Advertisers that make content that is USEFUL will make money.

Emma: When does the network get as reliable as the home phone or television.

Hans: 25% of consumers have 3G coverage. Next 5 years we will have clear improvement.

David: 1.6 terabytes per second was the World Cup in HD on WiFi but 3G can’t keep up. In 5 years with WiFi and 3G working together we can make it seamless to the user.

Emma: how are media companies in the middle east playing in the space?

Bob: media companies need to pick and choose their devises they are going to support and then pick your geography.

Looks like 1/2 of my notes got deleted, but the main takeaways where that advertisers need to be bespoke in their creative executions, media companies need to figure out what is going to be of use to their consumer and be useful and service providers need to solve global networking by bringing together both the 3G and wifi networks to create a full solution.

More tomorrow.

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