#MonacoMF10 The New Wave

The New Wave

Buddy Media
Only 1/4 of all Facebook users are in the US. Featuring Starwood Hotels. There are 1,000 hotels and they are all using Buddy Media to create custom pages, managed by the individual hotel managers. “You’re not going to build blog software to start a blog. Why would you build Facebook tabs from scratch.”

Newspaper Direct – we are all getting a gift of 1 year of newspapers from Igor.
They have 2,000 newspapers from 94 countries. They are all available for distribution on the digital network before they are even printed in their local country. Press Reader is the app. It takes you to a store where you can choose the country and order the paper. It’s not the website – it is the printed version of the physical paper. It is optimized for the platform on which you are accessing it. You can navigate the pages in a carousel and zoom into a story. and if you click on a story title it will give you a plain text view of the article. You can also listen to the paper being read to you and you can share via email, Twitter and Facebook. The next generation that is white labeled for the publisher is a combination of the Web based content and the physical paper in one app. The Arkansas Gazette is an example of this “super app”. The new Galaxy Tablet – the Samsung Android tablet was rolled out in Europe this week and the app is built to work there as well. Spencer comments, “this could be the thing that saves old media.” Check out PressDisplay.com to see how they are experimenting with the possibilities.

Clicker: Based in LA and San Francisco, Paul Whirley COO & Co Founder.
Clicker is a programming guide for internet streaming television and movies. The goal was to design what TV Guide would look like in a full streaming world. It’s a database that can be pivoted and queried for all available content and brings in social conversation from your friends about shows. Clicker.tv is wrapped to allow you to view from your couch. It’s an affiliate based revenue model. They raised 8 mil. in October 08 and in February they raised another 11 mil.

L’Orange: Patrice is going to show off 24/24
Do you know when the first newspaper was published? It was 1631 just after Gutenberg inventing the printing press. In 1980 you got the first dedicated news channel on TV which was CNN. 24/24 Actu by Orange TV, Press, Radio service 100% dedicated to news. It’s about getting the news when and where you want. It works on your computer and all mobile devises. Every screen has been custom designed for that screen. 2424actu.com The search brings everything from all channels.

XBox Kinect Hub
Let me simply say – Oh Hell Yeah I Need One Of These!!! Alex it’s a good thing you don’t read my blog this may be your birthday present 🙂 I’m going to play with this live this afternoon – expect that I will write a full post about that experience later.

Mini Tycon Casino Mobile Social Game by SGN
Passed Farmville to be the #2 game. It’s a casino game. There are few former EA folks that are working on the social game. The vision is to bring social playing into mobile. They are planning on building other apps that will be part of the world. Restaurants, hotels, etc. You can hire your friends to work in your casino. Millions of dollars a week are getting made by companies with these social apps. There are tens of thousands of simultaneous games at once. At most they have had other games that had a million simultaneous players.

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