L2 Social Graph Clinic – Was a great success

I was honored to be among a great group of speakers at this event by Luxury Lab (L2). It was called the Social Graph Clinic. The audience was a fantastic group of leaders in luxury all eager to improve their standing in the social media space. It was great to see some old friends and make new ones. Also, I quote Erik Qualman a great deal, so fun to be able to do it infront of him. Here are some highlights from that day.

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What the F**k Is Social Media

This presentation made me laugh harder then I have in weeks. Enjoy!!

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Things I learned on Vacation

Ladybug in Wrap

1. An airplane blanket can be turned into a fashionable dress for a 2 year old.
When you little girl gets sick on the airplane and you have no change of clothes with you it helps to have a solid knowledge of the DKNY Cozy and how it works so that you can put those skills to work for you.

2. You can have Christmas twice if you do it in two different cities with both sets of grandparents and it can be a blast.

3. Florida can get cold in early January – like frozen oranges cold – so they spray the trees with water to keep them covered in ice which keeps them up to 4 degrees warmer.

4. Board Games are fun!! We played Things! The Game. and there are some questions that have to get skipped when you are playing with your parents/in-laws.

5. Trying to get Rush Limbaugh and Rachel Maddow to live under the same roof for one week is asking way too much!! (also known as my Dad and my Husband)

6. They still do injection antibiotics for kids if the oral isn’t working and you need to fly, but it’s SUPER painful and they will hate you for it. At least until they start feeling better.

7. The Tampa Airport has a Marriott Hotel that is inside (not connected to, but inside) the airport. CDog thinks that is AMAZING and wants to go there for our next vacation.

8. Vacation is a noun defined by Dictionary.com as:
va⋅ca⋅tion /veɪˈkeɪʃən, və-/
–noun a period of suspension of work, study, or other activity, usually used for rest, recreation, or travel; recess or holiday:
There is no such thing as suspension of work any more – we are too connected with all of our devises and it will only get worse. So then how do we find moments to recover and rest? Still trying to figure that one out. If there are any ideas out there let me know.


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Data that Will Enlighten You

Those that know me well know that I LOVE data – mostly fun stats and figures that make you think. Last night playing a game of Battle of the Sexes with my parents and husband I learned that all of the worlds ants weigh as much as all of the worlds humans. Please don’t tell the ants. A lot of the data in the presentation below is stuff I use in presentations on a regular basis, but some of it is new to me. Granted this is from 2008, so much of this is out of date, but it’s fun none the less. Enjoy.

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Avatar – from the Spiritual Point of View

In college one of my favorite course was “On Death And Dying”. Yes I went to a Catholic University. Professor John Parente was the instructor, a former monk and one of the most spiritual people I have ever met, he has an amazing talent for teaching through current events and culture. He was such a fantastic influence on my life that I asked him (and he did) officiate my wedding. Every year he sends a note to an undisclosed list of what I will guess to be friends, former students, other professors and maybe a few monks wishing everyone the best for the holiday season. And each year he gives me pause and reminds me to revel in the mysteries of life a bit more. With his permission I have included his whole note here in this post. Fan or not of Avatar I suspect this will give you a new found view of this film.

Dear Ones,

I have just returned from seeing the film “Avatar.” Though on my long list of films I wanted to see but probably would not get to, that changed when my friend Linda called early this morning and invited me to go along for her second viewing of “Avatar,” and I decided to take a break from my self prescribed work day. I’m glad I did! (Linda is a dear friend, who worked with me in UCS’ doctorate program in spirituality– she was on the administrative staff and I served as co-Director of the program/prof there. I also had the joy of teaching her, sharing a class within the “Indigenous Mind” Masters Program at Naropa University,California branch, “Creation Spirituality & Prayer.”) Well, whether one likes the film “Avatar” — I did!– or not, it is an exceptional work that will seed many of conversations for some time. Beyond the sheer visual beauty of the film and the fantasy world it creates, there is much in it of indigenous spirituality, colonization (as seen through a post-modern perspective), goddess and patriarchy mythology, even to charting the hero’s journey, Wisdom Traditions, being a spiritual warrior, sacredness of earth and the relationship between myth and ritual. Though dualities exist in it,, as is the orientation of The West, there are hints of mysticism, with scenes that capture the Interconnectedness of Life and Oneness of mystical consciousness. I plan to use it in full when next I teach World Mythology and in excerpts in a course I created, Spiritual Traditions/Contemporary Voices. I have long said that I believe spirituality is the main issue of the 21st century. Spirituality, not doctrine, dogma or organized religion. As other value systems and myths like the American Dream and Capitalism collapse, people are left searching for ways to find Meaning, become whole and fully alive; the same is true of the world’s abiding problems, many of which work out of an “us/them” duality, power over sensibility, which can best be addressed from a spiritual perspective, mystical consciousness’ Interconnectedness of All. I think in recent years, films like “The Fountain” and “Avatar” speak to this century’s deep yearning for spiritual wholeness, personal-global healing, in their expressions of mysticism, even amidst the cultural dualistic categories that find their way into these movies. Anyway, just sharing as we begin this new year…I wish you A JOYOUS, MEANINGFUL, GROWTH-FILLED & FULFILLING 2010 & NEW DECADE! Lesser known, Happy Feast of Blessed John Parenti (In the Franciscan Order’s book of saints, he was a martyr who died in England in the 1100s; chances are my family name was probably spelled ending in an “i” in Italy.) Why not take every opportunity to celebrate! Here, in the San Francisco Bay Area, Chinese New Year isn’t far off and we do it up big, with a parade that is the largest outside Peking!

Peace!– fullness of Life!!!

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Champagne & Cocktails for New Year’s

How to pick a Champagne for New Years Eve.. .

If you want to . . .

* have a Sparkling night on New Year’s Eve then buy some Domaine Chandon

* Celebrate in style on New Year’s Eve then Moet & Chandon is your bottle

*Entertain with flair on New Year’s Eve then the yellow label of Veuve Cliquot is for you

* have a grand Toast to a great year on New Year’s Eve the sexy bottle of Ruinart should be on your shopping list

* Enchant someone special New Year’s Eve then Dom Perignon is Champagne for you!

* Indulge yourself and your love ones on New Year’s Eve then bring out the Krug!

But if what you want is to do something new and exciting with your Champagne this year then I highly recommend the Lanesborough cocktail from Grand Marnier to make a sexy New Years statement.

Grand Marnier Lanesborough Cocktail Recipe

The Lanesborough Cocktail Recipe

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In Her Shoes – Featuring Me :)

I’m so honored to be featured with such great Entreprenaurs in this series. Come see us all at the event on 11/17

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Morpheus Media in The NYTimes for Grand Marnier

Morpheus Media got a nice shout out in The New York Times for our work on the upcoming Grand Marnier campaign. It’s exciting to be mentioned by Stuart Elliott – an honor really!!

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Quoted by the NYTimes Today

So exciting to be quoted by the NYTimes today. Claire Miller wrote a very interesting piece on daddy bloggers and asked me to add my two cents. You can read it here: http://bit.ly/EAMMr

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Milton Pedraza on MSNBC

The September issues of the big fashion books have come to the news stands in the last week and are thinner than they’ve been in years. As a result Emily Steel from The Wall Street Journal gave me a call to see if this was because their ad money was moving to digital. You can read her article here.

My dear friend Milton Pedraza was also interviewed on WNBC’s Power Lunch today about the same topic. It was a great interview.

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