#MonacoMF10 “Cloudy, with Apps” making content pay

Chris Ahearn – President Media, Thomson Reuters
Eric Hippeau, – CEO of Huffington Post
Scott Dinsdale – EVP Global Digital Operations & New Technology, Sony Music Group (longest title ever)
Sara Ohrvall – Director, R&D, Bonnier
Moderator: Michael J. Wolf – Founder & MD, ACTIVATE

Can I start by saying that Scott looks like Fabio 🙂 And I mean that as a huge compliment.

Scott: Fundamentally what has changed is user experiences. It’s about a tremendous amount of experimentation. Understanding that consumers want great experiences. We forget how innovative the CD was in its time. He’s talking about Spotify – they are starting to see the long tail – in that the great song from 1972 is starting to get play again as it gets rediscovered. He has a friend that wrote a book – “The Flaw of Averages” – which he says is the problem with the media world. We need to be careful how we look at metrics.

Michael: How do you go after the newspaper market?

Eric: Made a decision not to charge users. My question is, ever? Last month they published 3.5 million comments from users – all moderated. The claim is that quality content gathers a high quality audience. We’ve lost trust in congress, in Tiger Woods, in Toyota. The big brands recognize that they need to engage with the high end users that are attracted to the Huffington Post content. The news category that has tried to charge for content (with the exception of WSJ) has had a bad experience. Today they are creating some new social marketing efforts on HuffPo that will allow users to engage with the content in new ways.

Chris: Mentions to Eric that he might not want to take such a strong stand on NEVER paying for it. And accuses him of being a new aggregator and not a news creator.

Eric: HuffPo has 75 professions journalists (hiring 25 more), 2/3 of content is created by HuffPo.

Michael: Sara, explain how you replicated the magazine.

Sara: MagPlus – was designed to re-engineer how the magazine was published. They launched Popular Science on the iPad. It’s not a replication of the content it’s a new way of looking at the data. Don’t call it a replication – she will get offended 🙂 It’s a relaxed curated experience with story telling with a start and end people are willing to pay for the content.

Michael: Can free and premium co-exist?

Eric: Why would I want to charge my best customers and not charge the others? Eric is on the board of a company that runs hotels. The cheaper the room the more amenities you have. But if you go to an expensive hotel you have to pay $20 for Wifi. From his POV when you have modified paywalls, giving 1 or 2 pages for free and then more will cost you.

Sara: If you create a different experience that might live somewhere else people will pay for it.

Fabio/Scott: The 13 – 25 year olds aren’t used to paying for music. The notion to get them to start to pay for certain features. You have to understand what is going to be attractive to your audience.

Chris: Thinks that Free and Premium can co-exist. The idea is to create one level of entry for all content forms.

Eric: Mature products like WSJ when you get to a certain point it starts to cost more to acquire new customers.

Michael: What’s the next wave of businesses that will allow people to consume and pay for content?

Eric: Social commerce is content. Gilt and GroupOn and others hire content creators.

Sara: Things like Spodify will grow. Core competence of media companies is to communicate with a very specific audience.

Michael: 1 minute bottom line. Where is the world going?

Scott: There is a recognition that artists deserve to be paid. There will be huge mass market penetration of music.

Sarah: 4.1 Billion applications will be downloaded. Her advise is to launch and be there. Consumers are willing to pay $2 – $4 for magazines but there isn’t enough content applications out there.

Eric: News wants to be free = you can’t put that genie back in the bottle. It’s a growing business, in part because they’ve been able to attract a younger audience and advertisers will pay for it.

Chris: People will pay for content. If publishers innovate.

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#MonacoMF10 Out of the Box – TV absolutely everywhere

Opening Presentation by Booz & Co.

TV is still the global mass medium – it is the most widely penetrating technology. Its contested, not by the Internet, but by Mobile. The technology is out there – are the consumers adopting it?

Usage numbers out of the US. Watching TV in the home: 140 hours/month; Watching Time shifted TV 7:54 hours; Watching Video in Mobile: 3:16, Watching Online 3:24, Watching on Internet or PC 27:32 – about 10% of total TV has shifted to “off the box”. What does it mean?

Michale Comish – CEO, Blinkbox Entertainment
Daniel Heaf – Digital Director, BBC Worldwide
Patrick Walker – Director of Video Partnerships EMEA, Google/Youtube
Jan Wareby – SVP & Head of Business Unit Multimedia, Ericsson
Moderator: Satci D. Kramer – Editor EVP, ContentNext Media

Staci: Google TV is tied to the box, but how to take it and make it make money?

Patrick: The content is being distributed and as the bandwidth increases the consumption of long form content is usage. YouTube Mobile Usage is larger today than YouTube Web usage was 5 years ago. Consumers are shifting how they are using TV. By using a laptop or a mobile phone while watching regular tv.

Patrick: The rights and contracts are having a challenge keeping up with the changes in technology. Google doesn’t think they have done a good job of communicating what Google TV is or isn’t. It’s being blocked by Fox and many other stations – “you mention people are block us. they are blocking themselves from being seen on us.” Got a good laugh from the audience. But a good point – users will find an alternative way

Staci: Will Google pay re-transmission fees? Patrick: Google sees themselves as a neutral source for accessing the data that is the show. They aren’t rebroadcasting anything they are just a conduit. Interesting POV.

Patrick: Without Google being involved TV is going to the web. They are just enabling the process.

Audience Question: How do you see the consumption of media changing now that it’s on a smaller devise.

Patrick: Being able to access both the mobile content and TV content to have a more enhanced TV experience.

Staci: Will consumers pay extra to have access everywhere?

Panel says: Yes – it’s about paying for a coherent user experience. And the advertisers are willing to pay as well.

Coffee Break – NEED THIS FOR REALS!!

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#MonacoMF10 Opening Panel “Air War” is the web passe

Hugo Barra – Director, Mobile Product Management, Google
Christian Hernandez – Head of International Business Development, Facebook
Ilja Laurs – Founder CEO, GetJar
Raoul Roverato – VP New Growth Businesses, Orange
Moderator: David Rowan – Editor in Chief, WIRED UK

Top 25 Paid Apps on the iPhone people are spending on average $1.27, on the iPad it’s $5.37 – sounds like a great opportunity.

L’Orange is promoting apps as part of the mobile bundle.

The panel agrees it’s impossible to build creative for every platform. The consumer is spending money on the private platform (Apple) although Apple has made some massive changes to the terms of service and allowing apps that are more social including VOIP.

What you want to do with the application is critical – if you want something standard a web app is fine. But if you want to do video and other things then you are going to need to custom create the app to each device. France has 3 million users of mobile television. Ultimately there will be consolidation of mobile platforms – there needs to be competition so that only the best survive and they are forced to be open. It’s a shift of power 4 – 5 years ago the operator was the gate keeper – and now the OS provider is the gatekeeper to the consumer.

Facebook’s future? They didn’t set out to build the world largest gaming platform, but it happened. They are now the second largest driver to media sites. They are trying to make it easier to allow developers to bring consumers from web to wireless seamlessly.

Audience Question: Is Google working on a social network called GoogleMe to compete with Facebook?

OOHs and AHHs from the audience – answer is NO. They think of social as an ingredient of the experience on a vertical. Google has made it more difficult for Facebook to access GMail info – and TechCrunch has covered the whole story. Obviously and uncomfortable moment on the stage here in Monte Carlo. http://tcrn.ch/aN8MTp

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#MonacoMF10 The New Wave

The New Wave

Buddy Media
Only 1/4 of all Facebook users are in the US. Featuring Starwood Hotels. There are 1,000 hotels and they are all using Buddy Media to create custom pages, managed by the individual hotel managers. “You’re not going to build blog software to start a blog. Why would you build Facebook tabs from scratch.”

Newspaper Direct – we are all getting a gift of 1 year of newspapers from Igor.
They have 2,000 newspapers from 94 countries. They are all available for distribution on the digital network before they are even printed in their local country. Press Reader is the app. It takes you to a store where you can choose the country and order the paper. It’s not the website – it is the printed version of the physical paper. It is optimized for the platform on which you are accessing it. You can navigate the pages in a carousel and zoom into a story. and if you click on a story title it will give you a plain text view of the article. You can also listen to the paper being read to you and you can share via email, Twitter and Facebook. The next generation that is white labeled for the publisher is a combination of the Web based content and the physical paper in one app. The Arkansas Gazette is an example of this “super app”. The new Galaxy Tablet – the Samsung Android tablet was rolled out in Europe this week and the app is built to work there as well. Spencer comments, “this could be the thing that saves old media.” Check out PressDisplay.com to see how they are experimenting with the possibilities.

Clicker: Based in LA and San Francisco, Paul Whirley COO & Co Founder.
Clicker is a programming guide for internet streaming television and movies. The goal was to design what TV Guide would look like in a full streaming world. It’s a database that can be pivoted and queried for all available content and brings in social conversation from your friends about shows. Clicker.tv is wrapped to allow you to view from your couch. It’s an affiliate based revenue model. They raised 8 mil. in October 08 and in February they raised another 11 mil.

L’Orange: Patrice is going to show off 24/24
Do you know when the first newspaper was published? It was 1631 just after Gutenberg inventing the printing press. In 1980 you got the first dedicated news channel on TV which was CNN. 24/24 Actu by Orange TV, Press, Radio service 100% dedicated to news. It’s about getting the news when and where you want. It works on your computer and all mobile devises. Every screen has been custom designed for that screen. 2424actu.com The search brings everything from all channels.

XBox Kinect Hub
Let me simply say – Oh Hell Yeah I Need One Of These!!! Alex it’s a good thing you don’t read my blog this may be your birthday present 🙂 I’m going to play with this live this afternoon – expect that I will write a full post about that experience later.

Mini Tycon Casino Mobile Social Game by SGN
Passed Farmville to be the #2 game. It’s a casino game. There are few former EA folks that are working on the social game. The vision is to bring social playing into mobile. They are planning on building other apps that will be part of the world. Restaurants, hotels, etc. You can hire your friends to work in your casino. Millions of dollars a week are getting made by companies with these social apps. There are tens of thousands of simultaneous games at once. At most they have had other games that had a million simultaneous players.

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Monaco Media Forum Opening Ceramony

#monacomf10 HSH Prince Albert II of Monaco gave the opening remarks. This year we will be focused on mobile and that it is not just the device in your pocket.

Our keynote is Hans Vestberg / President and CEO of Ericsson “Internet 2.0” Mobile Changes Everything. He has given us an understanding of the use of mobile to help connect families in refugee camps in Africa, or fisherman using mobile to sell their fish before they hit the shore line.

He argues that with 90% of the earth covered with mobility in the next 5 years it will help reduce some of our carbon emissions problems.

Predictions. By 202 we will have 50 billion connected devises.

Next up: a round table of David Kenny President of Akamai, Robert Bakish President MTV, and Hans Vestberg. Emma Barnett, Digital Media Editor, The Daily Telegraph.

Who is making money in the app economy?

Bob: it’s the early days. They expect to release double the apps. They have 3 apps on Apples All Time Top 10 and 2 of those are Sponge Bob. He sees it as a way to grow franchises and keep them fresh.

Hans: the mobile industry will make huge leaps in the next 10 years and the winners today may not be the winners of tomorrow.

David: Akamai built a cloud and they see most of the app downloads. B2B apps are the real money makers right now. Those that make money are utility. Advertisers that make content that is USEFUL will make money.

Emma: When does the network get as reliable as the home phone or television.

Hans: 25% of consumers have 3G coverage. Next 5 years we will have clear improvement.

David: 1.6 terabytes per second was the World Cup in HD on WiFi but 3G can’t keep up. In 5 years with WiFi and 3G working together we can make it seamless to the user.

Emma: how are media companies in the middle east playing in the space?

Bob: media companies need to pick and choose their devises they are going to support and then pick your geography.

Looks like 1/2 of my notes got deleted, but the main takeaways where that advertisers need to be bespoke in their creative executions, media companies need to figure out what is going to be of use to their consumer and be useful and service providers need to solve global networking by bringing together both the 3G and wifi networks to create a full solution.

More tomorrow.

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Sunday Night Sumbles II

1) This is “The World’s Largest Tree House” in Tennessee – wish I had known it existed when we drove to Kentucky as I’m sure this would have been worth the extra trip. What a fun dream.

2) My mom always says “Evening red and morning gray sends a traveler on his way. Evening gray and morning red brings down rain upon his head.” I honestly think these old sayings a at least 30% better at figuring out the weather than your local weather man/woman. There are a whole host of new ones on here that I’ve never heard before, but I’m looking forward to trying them. They may make my weather app on my iPhone useless.

3) I love Vimeo – such great videos. This one of a Lion Cub is so touching – you have to watch it, but please forgive them for the song.

4) This error window happens to me at least once a week – just the Mac version of it. Marius can you help me?

5) Flowtown.com put together a great infographic on bloggers. Did you know that 40% of bloggers have a graduate degree. Good thing 1 in 4 have an HHI over $100k and their blogs are bringing in an average of $42k per year. At least they can pay back that degree. Great info guys – thank you.

6) Kurt Vonnegut explains how story arcs set our expectations on life. Marry this with Predictably Irrational and you’ve really got something here. Read his view here: http://sivers.org/drama

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Sunday Night Stumbles

So I’m going to try something new to keep up on my blogging. Every Sunday night I surf so I’m going to start sharing the fun things I find here. I hope you enjoy these gems as much as I do.

Remarkable Collection of Steampunk Sculptures

1) I love Steampunk and these fun sculptures are amazing.

2) First robot able to develop and show emotions is unveiled
Nao, developed by a European research team, models the first years of life and can form bonds with the people he meets
You may laugh but I had the choice of going to two different High Schools in Houston – The Performing Arts School (which I did go to) or the Engineering School. My class project for those 4 year would have been to construct a working robot. Somehow I think some of those skills might be handier today than my rolling shuffles.

Food Seat Saver

3) I love that these are being sold as “seat savers.” Brilliant!!

Case Mate iPhone 4 ID Case

4) I am very excited for this iPhone case. I’ve waited weeks for it to be available in silver. And now it looks like they added pink. Pink? Really? Could we get a better color? Purple, Blue, Orange?

5) This just made me smile. What a fun way to kick off the week.

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iPad Additional Thoughts

Ok – so now that I’ve had it in my hands (and not my daughters) for the past few days I have a few updates on things that are good/bad.

Although it is sleek and sexy it is also a bit heavy – in comparison to my Kindle. I noticed this especially as I was holding it up to watch a movie. Granted I don’t have one of the apple covers that props it up, so that will help, but when you are laying in bed and on the verge of falling asleep it starts to weigh you down. The lack of a user facing camera is also a bit frustrating. I want to be able to video chat.

Speaking of video chat – why isn’t iChat installed? I think a three way iChat on this devise would be AMAZING!! Being able to multi-task between applications would be another great feature – maybe by creating something like Spaces? Keynote is great fun, but I can’t figure out how to import my existing files and the lack of a USB is making things a bit of a challenge.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

All of these little speed bumps aside – the experience of working with these applications on this devise is nothing short of sensual. I’ve fondled a few sexy computer devices in my day, but this one takes the cake.

Applications & Advertising
The first iPad specific ad unit I’ve been able to find is on the NYTimes app for Chase where I can sign up for a credit card. I do very much like the Editors Choice app for the NYTimes – it’s all the same writers I usually read anyway so it’s great content, just further curated. The Gilt Group app is amazing and I would argue a million times better than their site – it’s fast and it makes me want to do nothing but shop. I was a bit disappointed in the GQ app, as most of the ads just said click through to website – which for many of them lead to a flash based site that isn’t viewable on the iPad. The Burberry ad at least said “Watch the Video” and it was a seamless integration – well done. Cool Hunting has a great app that is fully sponsored by Cadillac – great integration (look for the Cadillac logo in the bottom navigation) and nice content sharing.

Overall I am still loving it – despite my few challenges. I’m sure I will love gen II even more.

PS – best feature I’ve found is a button on the Wake Screen that looks like a flower in a frame – it turns the iPad to slideshow mode for whatever pictures you preset it to and BOOM! digital photo frame!! Now that’s worth $600 🙂

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My First Day with my iPad

I am drafting this post in Safari through my iPad. Here’s a rundown from my POV:

I had planned on being at the Apple store in the Westchester Mall when they opened at 10am today, but the kids needed me this morning so I was running late. I got to the store around 11am and there was a small line but it only took about 20 minutes to get in the door. What was lovely about the experience was I was sent into the store to meet with Dominick who was my personal shopper while in the store. He walked me to the counter to get my iPad, then over to the case collections to choose a case, and over to an on-display 17″ Mac Book Pro to input all of information for a business account. $906 later I walked out with two new apple stickers that happened to come with a 64GB iPad, Apple Care and a case. The In-Store experience was the best I have ever experience for an Apple launch. Kudos!

Set Up
It only took about 30 minutes to sync with my iTunes and really acted exactly like an iPhone on set up. I don’t have a ton of music and movies so it might be a slower setup for others. I also didn’t look to customize a lot of things upon set up as I usually like to try a devise in it’s intended form first. I did however change the home screen image (which you can’t do on the phone) and love it. The default home screen looks like it has scratches in it.

Play Time
So as soon as I got it set up and ready to play my 3year old woke up and said “Dora.” I then started to download the first season of Dora from the iTunes store and handed my new shiny iPad over to her in an effort to keep the peace. I was impressed with the sound output, much better then the speaker phone on the iPhone.

When I got it back I started to play with some of my iPhone apps that automatically loaded on it. Looks like all those developers are about to make another round of money to upgrade the apps for the iPad. They open up small and then you can 2x them, but then they are grainy. I just want to be able to buy each app only once and have it optimized automatically for each devise.

I’ve downloaded a few iPad specific apps that I am about to play with, but I do wish that AIM was just installed and worked like it does on my machine.

iCal iPad App

iCal iPad App

I LOVE the calendar. That layout should exist in iCal it’s such a great way to see it all.

WSJ iPad App

WSJ iPad App

The WSJ app is great so far and has proven to me that this devise is an online advertising devise. Ad units click right through to the website. See the Capital One example. This is just a simple banner ad execution, that clicks through to the site.
Capital One iPad

Capital One iPad

I’m looking forward to seeing some of the more rich media executions.

ABC iPad App

ABC iPad App

I’m excited to play with the ABC app, the iPad stays a lot cooler then my laptop so it seems it will be a great devise for watching TV in bed. This is making me realize that media consumption is becoming even more personal and group media consumption (those days of watching Remington Steel as a family ) are gone.

Stay tuned for more iPad thoughts and opinions as I play with the shiny new toy in my life. I have to say I was skeptical as to what i was going to use this thing for, but sitting here putting together this post while watching Family Guy in the background has been an absolute pleasure.

Except in trying to finish this post I realized I will have to switch to my computer to plug in the images. Sigh – the trials of early adoption!

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Entrepreneuring Woman: An AWL Panel Discussion Held at Proskauer Rose

YWCA AWL Entrepreneuring Women Event

Tory Johnson, AWL 2002; Shenan Reed; Cheryl Gentry, AWL 2009; Ellen Zimiles, AWL 2002; Claire P. Gutekunst, AWL 1997 (Moderator and Chair of the AWL Advisory Council)

The Academy of Women Leaders is an amazing organization within the YWCA that brings together women to help each other in business, life, and the ever struggle for balance. I was honored to be included on a panel on Wed. March, 11th, discussing entrepreneurship. I often find that when I sit on panels like this I learn as much, if not more than I teach. At this one I learned about psychological interviews, spinning work events for your kids so they still feel special, and was reminded of the constant theme that I find in Women Business Leaders – confidence. Many thanks to the great folks at the YWCA for a great event. You can follow them on twitter. And find some coverage of the event on their site.

My fellow panelists were amazing women and I would encourage you to check them out and their companies.
Tory Johnson, AWL 2002, Founder and CEO, Women for Hire
Cheryl Gentry, AWL 2009, Founder, President/CEO, Glow Media
Ellen Zimiles, AWL 2002, Co-founder and CEO, Daylight Forensic & Advisory LLC
Claire P. Gutekunst, AWL 1997 (Moderator and Chair of the AWL Advisory Council), Partner, Proskauer Rose LLP

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